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This is for William Beanlandís Computer Badge for Cubs

I'll be - Years old Next Birthday




My name is William Beanland and I am 9 years old.

I go to Dhahran British Grammar School in Saudi Arabia.

My favourite hobbies are roller hockey, football and cricket.

My cub pack is the 1st Dhahran cub pack. I am a Sixer of yellow six and I have got 17 badges which are: cub scout award, adventure award, athletic 1, 2 & 3, book reader, home help, sportsman, swimmers 1 & 2, artist, personal safety, scientist, road safety, first aid, hobbies and campers badge (I'm also hoping to get my computer badge).

I enjoy living in Saudi Arabia, but not when it gets too hot in the summer, you canít go out to play and the pool is too hot to swim in.

I have a brother called James and he is 16 years old. My mum is 44 years old and my dad is 45 years old. My birthday is November the 18th so that means my zodiac sign is Scorpio . My dads zodiac sign is Scorpio as well because his birthday is on November the 10th .

My mums birthday is on 19th of August so that means her zodiac sign is Leo.  My brother's birthday is June the 8th and he is a Gemini.  My brother likes playing computer games.  My dad likes fixing computers and making websites and my mum likes playing tennis, sewing and eating chocolate.

I had to write this page to get my computer badge for cubs.