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I'll be - Years old Next Birthday

My name is Johnathan Walsh and I am 8th years of age. I have just joined the Cubs from Beavers. The Computer badge is the first badge l am doing in Cubs. In Beavers l took part in the Christmas play and was awarded the Entertainer badge.


My Hobbies include Cubs, football, fishing, golfing and making model airplanes. Once l have finished the computer badge, l am going to do the following new badges cyclist, artist, astronomer, collectors and entertainer.


In order to get the computer badge l got help to scan a photograph of myself onto the computer .I then pasted my picture onto this word document. I then copied the file to the floppy diskette which was in drive A of my computer. I have lived in Saudi Arabia for eight years. I learned to be careful in the heat and to drink lots of fluid. I learned to swim when I was 3 years old and now that I am in cubs I look forward to learning lots of new things like; camping, compass reading, painting and different knots.


My daddy was also a Cub Scout and Scout Master, so when I do something cool at Cubs I can show him. My dad came to cubs one night to help the Cub Leader and we had good fun telling Mommy all about Cubs. The Cub Leader has a hard job with all the Cubs running around when he gives the Cubs silence sign we all stop and listen. The cubs are good fun and I have lots of friends.


See you soon,