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My name is Christopher Priddle and I am nearly ten years old. I belong to the first Dhahran cub pack and I am seconder of white six. I have been a cub for two years, and before that I was a beaver in the U.K..

I have 15 activity badges, which are the book reader badge, animal lover, collectors, swimmer 1, 2and3, home help, athletes 1 and 2, roadsafety, camper, artist, first aid, entertainer, and cyclist’s badge. I also have a scout swimmer 1.

This page is part of my computer badge, which will be badge number 16.

My hobbies are playing football, cricket, riding my bike, roller-blading ,swimming and playing the recorder.

A lot of the cubs in my pack go to the same school as me, which is the Dhahran British grammar school. My favourite cub activity is camping down at the British Aerospace beach. My favourite cub game is dodge-ball.

I'll be - Years old Next Birthday