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I'll be - Years old Next Birthday

Hello my name is Daniel Kelly, my age is 10, my birthdays on October 12th, my zodiac sign is a Libra. I was born in Castlebar Co. Mayo in Ireland, one year before my brother Adam, and my other brother Matthew was born in Saudi Arabia. Iíve been in Saudi Arabia for nine years now. I have two brothers, their names are Matthew he is my baby brother his age is 4, Matthewís birthdays on August 2nd, Matthewís zodiac sign is a Leo. Adam is my younger brother his age is 9, Adamís birthdays on September 8th, Adamís zodiac sign is a Virgo. So Iíve told you about my brothers and now Iíll tell you about my mum and dad. My mum stays at home while me and my brothers go to school at Dhahran British Grammar school, when were at school she cleans the house, cooks, and sometimes visits her friends. My dad goes to work to Shayba for five days; he leaves on Friday and comes back on Wednesday. So I finished talking about my family now I am going to tell you about my school. There are two sections thereís the American section and the British section, I go to the British section. My headmasterís name is called Mr. (Ken) Battye and the deputy headmaster is Mr. (Stuart) Maclay, there is 4 key stages Iím in my 2nd Key stage right now, Adam is in his 2nd key stage also but Matthew is in his 1st key stage. My favorite subject in school is mathís, design and technology and also reading. My hobbies are swimming and football and Iím also interested in animals. Iíve also moved about five times in Saudi Arabia.