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Welcome to D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site! This site serves as a one-stop HTML authoring and design site. You will find information here to develop and maintain a successful Web Site. Provided is a wealth of information in the spectrum of web development, including HTML tutorials, style guides, HTML editors, HTML Standards and proposed improvements, mailing lists, Usenet Newsgroups, CGI, Java, ActiveX, reference material, publishing tips including graphic tips and programs, advanced tips including animation, plugin support, multimedia info, and anything else we can find. This is a free service. Who was it that said that nothing is free? Send him here!

There are a couple of small requirements after you've gone through the HTML Site and hopefully learned something, and they are:

  1. After you've checked out the site, fill out the HTML Site Feedback Form. We'd really appreciate getting feedback so we can make this site more informative for our guests.
  2. If you'd like to link the site to your page, whether it be commercial or personal, please read the Link Request page.
  3. Previous visitors will notice a brand new design. All navigation can now be done from the pulldown list at the bottom. Due to the feedback and statistics we've received, a constant navigation was needed for developers that jumped around the different areas of the site.
  4. The Voting Booths are a way you can vote on what new features you'd like to see at Everyone is encouraged to vote!

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This site may be overwhelming at first, especially if you're new to HTML and Web Publishing, so here are some helpful hints while visiting

Signup for the Quadzilla
What's New Mailing List!
  • A Site Map is available that breaks down and explains the main areas of each section.
  • Keep an eye on the What's New section for the latest news about the site and news about the Web Development world. Due to overwhelming request, this is also distributed and is delivered straight to your E-Mail address!
  • Share information with your peers in the Discussion areas.
  • All the links from each of the respective main sites are available through the MegaLinks.
  • If you're looking for HTML or Web-related software, the HTML Powergrid is the place to be.

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Published in PC Week (2/16/97): "One of the best sites for HTML reference is D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site. In fact, if you could only bookmark one site for HTML reference, this is the one [Bill Machrone] would recommend." Yahoo! Internet Life - January 1999
"The 98 Best Sites of '98"
The Best Web Developer Resource
"D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site calls itself "Your one-stop Web development site, period." And it is, with all the HTML tutorials, style guides, code references, publishing tips, and multimedia information any self-respecting Web developer will ever need."

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D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site thought-up, created, updated, and maintained by that D.J. Quad dude.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, love notes, death threats, marriage proposals, free computer equipment, party invitations, bomb scares, or just want to say "Hey, nice site!", please Email

D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site Copyright 1994-1999 Fort Wayne Internet, LLC.
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